Speakeasy - Especially for You . . .

Speakeasy offer a full bespoke service to create a gin  to your personal taste.

It all begins with an idea!

So, you might like a personalised gin? Is it a signature spirit to accompany signature dishes? Is it to remember your special day by? Do you simply want a gin to your own taste unlike anything else on the market?

We will escort you through the whole process to develop a truly bespoke gin for you, your guests or clients to savour.

We have worked with Clients who want to use botanicals from their own gardens to compliment dishes in their restaurant, Clients who want memorable wedding favours, Clients who have a landmark occasion and Clients who want a corporate gin for their organisation.

Our experience means that we can help you with botanical selection to create flavour profiles to your taste.

How does it happen?

Once you decide on your flavour profile, we develop three very different samples each at two differing strengths, it is surprising how much a gin made to the same recipe can differ at varying alcohol content. Please note that to maximise the flavour combination in the gin there is a maturation period of 28 days.

We take your feedback about your favourite and make any tweeks you request. That favourite is reworked into 4th sample at desired strength for your final approval.

We will then offer suggestions for your gin’s perfect serve to include mixer, ratio of dilution and accompanying botanical garnishing.

Label development – our designers have an excellent track record of creating labels to attract and delight the eye.

Bottle/Closure Selection – we offer several bottle shapes to contain your creation and are able to provide closures to complement your chosen labelling.

Then all that remains is to agree the production run size. Four weeks of maturation. Then delivery, drinking and rejoicing?

What next?

Contact us to discuss your requirements. Ask nicely and we may send you some samples . . .

Due to the very bespoke nature of our offering we cannot publish definitive pricing but simple, single bottle packages begin at only a hundred pounds.


Let Speakeasy Spirits help the fun beGin!

Bespoke Gin Package

Price: £100.00